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How Gonstead Chiropractic Stops the Root Cause of Chronic Pain 

Suffer from chronic pain?  Here's how (and why) the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique works so well

BY JERRY HSIEH, D.C, JULY 15, 2017 11:00 AM

Gonstead Chiropractic in Pleasanton, CA

What is the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique?

The Gonstead Chiropractic Technique was first introduced in the early 1930's by it's creator, Clarence Gonstead.  Dr. Gonstead became a chiropractor in 1923 after the power of chiropractic healed him from a painful and crippling episode of rheumatoid arthritis.

Previously a mechanical engineer, Dr. Gonstead applied the same principles of engineering to the evaluation of the spine.  And based on years of clinical research, he founded a unique concept called the "Foundation Principle".

Gonstead Chiropractic Pleasanton, CA

How (And Why) Chronic Pain "Attacks" Your Body

Gonstead Chiropractic Pleasanton California

The "Foundation Principle" explains how issues in one part of the spine...can create bio-mechanical changes and symptoms in other areas.

In other words, if you suffer from constant, crippling, chronic pain...'s because your spine is out of alignment!  And because of's causing massive pressure on your nerves (causing inflammation, entrapment of the nerves and much more) 

Note: Chiropractors call these spinal shifts a  "vertebral subluxation"

Breakthrough Chiropractic Technique 'Kills' the Root Cause of Pain

Even if You Suffer from...

  • Crippling back, neck and shoulder pain from work related injuries, sports injuries and automotive accidents
  • Throbbing sciatica pain that rips through your lower back, buttocks and leg
  • Headaches & migraines that hit like a sledgehammer without warning (and at the worst times possible)
  • Fibromyalgia pain that 'gnaws' at the muscles and tendons around your joints 
  • That feeling of being "buried alive" by the relentless symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Overwhelming hip, lower back and joint pain that comes with pregnancy
  • And many other chronic pain issues

Now, you may be asking yourself...

"What makes this technique so powerful?"

Here's why:

Your Spine is Like The Foundation of a Building...

If the foundation were to sink a few inches, wouldn’t you expect the walls to crack, the floors to offset, and the roof to be damaged?

You can patch the cracks, change the floorboard, or replace the roof…..but this would never correct the cause of the problems.

The same thing applies to your spine!!

The Gonstead Technique focuses on detecting three-dimensional Structural Shifts of the spine that may be causing your foundation to be off. 

In the vast majority of cases that make their way to our practice, often as referrals from other healthcare professionals in the area, we see a significant Structural Shift.

And...Intero Chiropractic is the ONLY chiropractic clinic in the East Bay with the technology to detect these 'spine shifts'!

The Gonstead Technique vs.Traditional Chiropractic

The Gonstead Technique

  • Uses a range of five tests to detect "vertebral subluxation"
  • Targets the root cause of pain and allows healing to take place faster than traditional ways
  • Complete spinal analysis before adjustments are made (including x-rays)
  • Considered the safest and most gentle chiropractic technique (no twisting, jerking or harsh rotations)
  • Completely hands-on approach; adjustments are precise and without use of 'tools'
  • X-rays after treatment milestones so you can see progression

Traditional Chiropractic

  • Many chiropractors don't take X-rays!
  • Twisting, jerking, harsh rotations can be dangerous (and scary)
  • Prone to use 'tools' vs. a hands-on, manual approach
  • Believes in the "pop and pray" approach (adjustments are not specific & only work temporarily if at all)
  • Prone to use 'tools' vs. a hands-on, manual approach
  • Believes in the "pop and pray" approach (adjustments are not specific & only work temporarily if at all)

The Assessment & Examination Process

The Gonstead Chiropractor goes above and beyond typical chiropractic assessments. A Gonstead spinal assessment is comprised of five assessments which detect the presence of the "vertebral subluxation"

X-Ray Analysis

Examines the entire spine and pelvic area for misalignment and more.


State-of-the-art device that detects inflammation & nerve irritation

Static Palpation

The process of feeling your spine in a static position

 Motion Palpation

Feeling the spine while moving and bending it at various positions.


This is where we cross reference all the other findings

The assessment/examination is easy, pain-free and takes less than one hour.

Your Gonstead chiropractor will cross-reference all assessments and provide you with a specific treatment plan designed to get you out of pain.  Most patients see results very quickly...with the majority reporting significant improvement within a few weeks.

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