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What’s Causing My Lower Back Pain?: Reasons and How to Get Relief

Are you suffering from pain in your lower back? You’re not alone. Low back pain is extremely common.

Experts say that more than 80% of all Americans will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. That’s more than double the number from the 1990s.  

Every year, an increasing number of Americans lose wages at work, and spend more and more money seeking treatment for their pain.  What’s causing all of this suffering? Turns out that it’s the way we live today.

Read on for more information about what could be causing your lower back pain and how to find relief!


You may be very clear about how you hurt your back.  A car accident, a slip and fall or a sports injury may be to blame.

Big, recognizable injuries like these are called “macrotraumas.”  A macrotrauma is a major event that causes an injury, or trauma, to your spine.

You may have lifted something much too heavy, or fallen down the stairs, pulling the muscles and tendons that support your lower back. If this is how you have injured your back, you know that you should seek treatment.

But what if you can’t pinpoint a specific event or injury that caused your pain? Then it may be caused by microtraumas.


Did your back pain start with something as simple as reaching for your phone?  Did you just turn to look over your shoulder one day and feel your back twinge?  What happened?

You might be confused about what has suddenly made your back start hurting, since you haven’t had any major accidents or injuries. It can be frustrating to suffer from unknown causes or from a trauma that you can’t pinpoint.

Unfortunately, this is very common for lower back pain sufferers.  Many people who have pain in their lower back are actually the victim of microtraumas; small, repetitive injuries that accumulate over time.

Microtraumas are a very common cause of lower back pain. All of the twisting, turning and bending that you do over a lifetime puts stress on the discs in your spine.

Just sitting unevenly, say, on a very fat wallet in one back pocket, is the cause of many men’s microtraumas and lower back pain.  The same can be said for carrying a very heavy purse always on one shoulder. Either of these practices can stress your spine, bit by bit. Eventually, all these small traumas can add up to the breakage of the Sharpey’s fibers of your discs.

Your spine has both vertebrae (which are bones) and discs (made of collagen) to separate those bones.  The discs in your spine (when they’re healthy) are flexible and pliable, filled with fibers that help them attach to the bone.

Over time, however, especially with a lifetime of microtraumas, these fibers can break or tear, causing pain, disc herniation or disc ruptures. Think of how a rubber band will eventually stretch and break if used over and over again too often.  It’s a similar situation with the discs in your spine.

The good news is that this kind of injury, a repetitive stress injury that eventually causes the fibers in your discs to give, can be healed and treated.

Pressure, Misalignment and Injury

Whether you have suffered from a major trauma, or a lifetime of small traumas to your spine and discs, the end result can be similar. Your spine may become misaligned, there may be pressure on the nerves of your spine, and you discs and/or muscles may need to recover from strain and injury.

You will need the help of a professional to realign your spine into a healthy shape, so that the pressure can be taken off injured muscles and irritated nerves.

What Can Help

The best thing that you can do for a lower back injury is move. Therefore, successful therapies to heal your back pain will get you to a place where your range of motion and your ability to move are restored.

When we get hurt, often our first inclination is to rest and lie still.  We’re afraid of reinjuring ourselves or making the pain worse.

However, lying still and not moving is one of the worst things you can do for a back injury!  Your spine and muscles need movement to heal themselves and to remain healthy.

Movement pushes the inflammation out of your muscles and nerves and allows nutrition and hydration to flow back into the hurt places.  You don’t want the injured parts of your back to be cut off from your body’s natural resources to heal them.

When you move, you allow fluids and nutrients to flow and bathe those hurt parts of your body, Think of it like an infection: you need to clean the wound, by allowing your body to wash it out.

The care that you will receive from an expert like Dr. Jerry at Intero will be designed to realign your spine and take pressure off the affected nerves so that you can move more easily, and so that healing will happen more quickly.

Spinal adjustments allow for more motion, and moving is the key to healing!

What’s My Next Step?

If you’d like to see what a professional can do for you to heal your trauma, help increase your range of motion and make you feel better, please book an appointment at Intero Chiropractic today!