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Many patients ask us “How did I get this pain?””

Many patients ask us “How did I get this pain?” The real answer is that most of the time we have NO IDEA! The reason why is because many things have developed over weeks, months, and, most often times, years! We have all had some type of bumps and bruises, trips or falls, or some

Many mothers can relate…

If you’re a mother, you could relate to those back pains and aches. Find out how hard working mother, Marilou found low back pain relief at Intero Chiropractic. A gonstead chiropractic office located in Pleasanton California.  Check it out for yourself!

Constants vs. Variables

Just as I’m landing in Las Vegas so excited to get of the plane and onto my next flight to Toronto, where I’ll be the best man at my friend’s wedding, my stomach drops…. Growing up and being such a type A person, organized, making calculated decisions, I was upset when I realized what I

What is the Difference?

Find out the difference from Neurostructural Chiropractic Vs. Traditional Chiropractic from Dr. Chris

Patience is a Virtue

Spend a few minutes with Dr. Chris from Intero Chiropractic. A Gonstead Pleasanton Chiropractor discussing the topic of patience.

Life Trajectory

I was recently at a research symposium and the speaker presented a very thought provoking video.  In short, it was essentially the trajectory of a boy’s life as he was fired off into the air from the hospital at his birth, like a missle. From there he ascended into the air as he continued to

How Your Core Can Heal and Prevent Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a tremendously common problem for many people in the United States. In fact, lower back pain is the biggest cause of disability worldwide.    Something like 80% of the U.S. population will experience back pain in their lives, and many will miss out on work, school or leisure activities with family and

Getting Enough Rest: Why It’s So Important for You (and Your Kids!) to Sleep

Summer’s Story Summer, a freelance author Minneapolis, has struggled with insomnia and sleep deprivation for many years. In her story, she shares that “When I’m really sleep deprived, really simple activities can become overwhelming. I struggle with cognitive sluggishness, which interferes with my work.” Summer’s problems are common, and it seems like we are all

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