Life Trajectory

I was recently at a research symposium and the speaker presented a very thought provoking video.  In short, it was essentially the trajectory of a boy’s life as he was fired off into the air from the hospital at his birth, like a missle.

From there he ascended into the air as he continued to develop into a middle-aged man and eventually started making the descent as he turned into an elderly man and finally landed in his grave.  For some odd reason, I couldn’t help but think of the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button where he is born as a little old man and dies a young boy and how he goes on so many different adventures and life experiences.  

Life can be thought of as being a missile – the quality of the materials making up the missile, the appropriate amount of fuel, optimal navigation system, experienced missile manufacturer, and so many other things go into determining the trajectory of the missile.

The health of the mother and father, the quality of the pregnancy, the right nutrients, quality information for the parents to make quality decisions in regards to having a healthy pregnancy and experience all play a part in regards to the trajectory of their child’s life.  Once the child is born, this is a crucial turning point because they are no longer fully dependent on their mother to survive. They are now required to breath on their own and take the initiative to feed themselves. Before you know it, they are virtually independent (except for when they need to buy things that they don’t really need ;)) and must engage with the world.

From the very beginning, the trajectory of the human experience is dictated by how well each individual adapts to their environment

One of my hockey coaches growing up always used to say, “adapt or die.”  That could not be more true when we look past the simple game of hockey. The richness of life, or lack thereof, is determined by your body’s ability to react to each experience, constructively or destructively, for the detriment or betterment of your future life experience.  For instance, in a very fundamental context, when a child reaches out and touches a hot stove for the first time they pull their hand away quickly; they’ve escaped with a minor burn but moving forward they now know not to touch things that are excessively hot because they can be seriously injured which is detrimental to their overall health.

Have you ever heard of someone doing a workout and doing repetitions to ‘failure’?  Is it really a failure when the outcome is improved strength? It is how the human body responds to an experience which determines the trajectory of their life from that day forward.  Have you ever heard that failure is success in progress? The previous analogy could not demonstrate that any better.

 In regards to taking matters with your health into your own hands and facilitating a better life, it all starts by having the desire to want better health.

The reality is that not everyone values that health as among their most important assets, however most people do.
Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with people who are supportive and want to see you express optimum health.  It is also important to make informed decisions in regards to your health and that all starts with making those decisions based on quality information.  Here at Intero Chiropractic, located in Pleasanton California, our objective is always to optimize the quality of your life trajectory, whether it be to get down to the underlying cause of your health concerns or to take a proactive approach so as to prevent losing health in the first place!