Many patients ask us “How did I get this pain?””

Many patients ask us “How did I get this pain?”

The real answer is that most of the time we have NO IDEA! The reason why is because many things have developed over weeks, months, and, most often times, years!

We have all had some type of bumps and bruises, trips or falls, or some sort of accident in our past. Other traumas might be prolonged stresses (microtraumas) as opposed to macro traumas. Some of these might sound familiar:

  • Car Accident
  • Falls from riding a bike
  • Sports injuries
  • Sitting in a desk or commute for long periods of time
  • Falling asleep in the car or watching tv

There are countless traumas that we acquire throughout our lives. Often times, the accumulation of these acts like the “straw that breaks the camel’s back.” Each one of these traumas can damage your spine. It is only a matter of time, if the problem isn’t corrected, that someone may start to FEEL the pain.

It is at this point, many people will start to address the problem. However, common treatment usually is done in the form of pain medications, muscle spasms, injections, or surgery. While this may help to alleviate the pain, it’s known that this does not actually address the cause.

Commonly, these problems arise when the spine structurally misaligns. The injury leads to damage of the tissues, inflammation, and irritation of the nerves that need to be addressed. Structural chiropractic care specifically works on these problems not only to get pain relief, but to correct the alignment alleviating the stress on the nerves.

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